Building a Bulletproof Ground Game with Chris Sacia

Building a Bulletproof Ground Game - Chris Sacia

Ground game is about my favorite part of the campaign precisely because it’s so important. Chris Sacia understands the critical nature of this facet of campaigns and knows how to run it like a well-oiled machine. Today he shares a wealth of hard one tips you can leverage today!

This week we’re talking about one of my favorite topics: Ground game. Canvassing. Block walking. Whatever you call it, voter contact of the door to door variety is the most effective means of campaign conversion and critical to efforts of every size.

Our guest this week is someone I’ve worked with quite a bit the last two years and I’ve grown a great amount of respect for the way he approaches campaigns, specifically the ground game side.

Chris Sacia is a veteran of the US Navy and a conservative political operative from Texas. He has served in various capacities on multiple campaigns. When he’s not working, Chris can usually be found listening to an audiobook, window shopping for truck parts or reading a random article on Wikipedia.

I got to learn a lot about Chris during this interview and y’all are going to love some of the tips he provides for building a bulletproof campaign.

Raz Shafer