Campaign Tip: Handwritten notes are one of the most powerful tools you have. And they’re cheap!

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Here’s today’s tip: Handwritten notes are one of the most powerful tools you have. And they’re cheap!

Growing up, it felt like pulling teeth when my mom made me write thank you cards. For some reason I hated it. I was grateful for the gifts but something about it...laziness probably, just made it a process I really disliked. Far too many times, I didn’t properly express my gratitude.

In the last few years, especially as social media became a larger part of my life, I actually started getting much better at writing cards. Part of it was that with so few people sending written communication these days, it was a way for my words to stand out.

I still don’t write as many notes as I should but I started making it a regular part of my week. I’m very blessed and have so many people for whom I’m thankful. So each week, whether there is a big reason or not, I write at least a few handwritten notes. The results have been pretty cool!

Your campaign...and every other one….will likely be sending lots of stuff through the mail. Postcards, letters, fundraising. None of those things build a relationship though. They’re impersonal, even if they are effective.

I recommend you budget at least an hour per week to hand write notes to people. You’re scheduling time for calls, fundraising, meetings, canvassing, etc. Add writing to your list. It’s important.

Even in cases where it’s a fairly formulaic thank you card, hand-write as many as possible and note something personal that will build a deeper connection. Let the recipient know that you remember them and care about their support and friendship.

Much like with door knocking, handwritten notes are something that too few candidates do. That will make yours stand out all the more!

Raz Shafer