Our New Sidekick App is Live in iTunes

App Release Video

Our goal with CampaignSidekick has always been to deconstruct big, complex things and simplify them.

This same mentality was the genesis for us when we decided to tackle our new app build. How could we put the power of technology in the palm of any volunteer, no matter their age, and make it simple to use?

Using the Ionic platform and MongoDB, we broke down the essentials of our platform into two major categories: voter contact and data management.

Inside voter contact, there are three “live” components: door knocking, phone banking and text messaging. The first two have come to life in the new Sidekick app (yes, both functions in the same app) with the third, the SMS platform, to follow soon. While there are many ways to contact and motivate voters, statistically it is hard to replace human to human interaction as the most effective way to identify voters and persuade them to vote for your candidate.

How to make that simple is the issue, especially in the world of technology. While paper lists are a fallback, even in the Sidekick system, we always challenge campaigns with this simple question: if you use paper lists, who is your designated data entry manager? If you are going to have paid door knockers/callers and volunteers contacting voters, you want to capture EVERY piece of data on that voter, even if it is as simple as “Not Home/Left Literature.” That data can be used going forward for any and all campaigns, even if it means something as simple as “Let’s hit every Not Home door from last week!”

With the new Sidekick app, the direct relationship we built with your campaign’s live activities in the app back to the backend has become even more simple, more stable and incredibly fast.

Welcome to the new chapter in our story. Our question for you is: how can we become a part of yours?