Congrats to Brian Kemp!!

We live, love and breathe voter contact, data and technology. Needless to say, we nerd out on this sort of stuff. We are happiest when we have campaigns that do the same thing with us.

Such was Brian Kemp's campaign from the first conversation we had with them. They wanted to build a campaign from the ground up. It started with data and how that data was going to be used inside CampaignSidekick.

Honestly, we hear that a lot from campaigns. They start with the best intentions, but then get caught up in campaign season craziness. The first thing that usually goes out the door in this scenario is voter contact.

Not the Kemp campaign. From time to time, various members of our team checked in on the backend of the their Sidekick portal. The reaction was always, "Are you all seeing this?!" They weren't just making an astronomical amount of contacts, their survey rate was off the charts. This is a combination of great data and man hours put into the actual contact (door-to-door and phone banking).

Systematically, the Kemp campaign worked through its targeted universe of voters and what had been a double digit deficit in the polls became a double digit lead before the Trump endorsement. 

Politics is a funny thing to predict. The more campaigns can take some of the guess work out of it, the more successful they will be.

That starts from the ground up.


Drew Ryun