Congrats to all our Texas candidates

Tuesday was a big night here in Texas and we had a lot of clients who either won outright or advanced as strong favorites into run-offs.

Congrats to all of you! You created a plan around voter contact and then executed it. Well done.

Michael Cloud-Runoff Election
Bob Hall-Outright Win
Stuart Spitzer- Runoff Election
Matt Schaffer-Outright Win
Jill Wolfskill- Runoff Election
Steve Toth-Outright Win
Mayes Middleton-Outright Win
Mike Lang-Outright Win
Kyle Bidermann-Outright Win
Jarred Patterson-Outright Win
Deanna Metzger-Runoff Election
Jonathan Boos-Outright Win
Matt Bebee- Runoff Election
Mike Toth-Runoff Election
Alfonso Campos-Outright Win
Coates for Sheriff-Outright Win


Drew Ryun