How Do You Create Time?

As we blogged about in our last post about building your campaign pyramid correctly, we mentioned three critical elements that most campaigns will never have enough of: Time, Money and Volunteers.

From Part 2 of Building Your Campaign Pyramid Correctly:

You as a candidate will never have enough Time to fully ID and engage the voters in the race you are hoping to win, which means your voter ID program has to start on Day One of your campaign. No campaign will ever have the time to run the perfect voter ID program. But campaigns that commit to voter ID programs through CampaignSidekick will have the chance to run really good ones. And that is what you as a candidate need to commit to: running the best voter ID program you possibly can.

You may never have enough time, but we would like to present you have the ability to create time by being more efficient. That, as we noted, starts on Day One.

Lost in the shuffle, however, is the ability to create the time you need for more Voter ID and turnout.

How do you do that? You need to find the right people first. These can be super volunteers. They can be paid staff, but you need someone other than yourself to begin the process of creating time. The second step is having those staff or volunteers create your team for door knocking. The third step is the right universe of voters to hit. This third step alone is a time creator. Instead of a universe of 25,000 voters, what if you only needed to work a universe of 5,000? You won’t know that until you have a CampaignSidekick subscription with current voter data, though!

With the right staff recruiting the right team and using CampaignSidekick to create the right universe of voters for your campaign to contact, you have created time. As you have probably noted, though, you have to take time to create time.

Don’t cut corners. Find the right staff. Find the right universe. And go win.