Sal DiCiccio Wins!

A big congrats to CampaignSidekick client, Sal DiCiccio, who won last night in one of the most high profile city council races in the nation, Phoenix City Council District 6. When Sal and his team came on board early this summer, it was clear they had a plan and a disciplined candidate. From a robust social media presence to Sal himself staying on message, it began to have the look of a winning campaign.

Here’s where it got fun for us. Over the summer months, Sal and his team knocked 16,000 doors. Not knocked as in left literature, knocked to have conversations with the voters using Sidekick’s new video-in-survey component.

And guess what? He won with 16,868 votes last night, beating his opponent by just over 5% in a city council district that Hillary Clinton won by 10% last November.

Good fundamentals still win in politics. Everyone is always looking for the path of least resistance and silver bullets. But if campaigns and candidates commit to the blocking and tackling of campaigning, more often that not, they are going to win.

Sal shot us a quick thank you email this morning: “Campaign Sidekick delivered exactly the boost my campaign needed. It was easy to use, cost less than most competitors, and the customer service was top notch!”

We do what we can, Sal. We do what we can. Congrats again on a big victory!


Drew Ryun