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Field Staff

Get your team contacting voters quickly by checking out these Sidekick PowerPoints (click the button below!). We created them specifically for you, both as a resource tool and to give you exactly what you need to get your volunteers in the field quickly.

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Getting out the door to knock doors may be difficult, but using your app should be easy! The graphic above provides a quick-start guide to using the CampaignSidekick App for contacting voters.

We also have help articles and tutorials that will answer other questions you may have via the link below!

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We’re here to help you get the most out of CampaignSidekick! Click below to visit our online knowledge-base for self-help or to submit a customer support ticket if we can be of service!

You can also submit a ticket by sending us an email to help@campaignsidekick.zendesk or by calling 844-996-0026