From the ground up, CampaignSidekick is built to save you time. We make campaigns efficient. We make campaigns effective. Best of all, we save you money by helping you establish and create the exact universe of voters you need to target and win. The rest of your campaign can then be built around that universe, from mail, to radio to television. 

From the fastest databasing system available to our finely tuned, responsive mobile application, it's all built to save you time and keep you focused on winning votes. Whether you want to cut a computer-optimized walk-list or give walkers freedom to navigate from a live overhead map, we provide the perfect option for every walker and campaign. CampaignSidekick makes it easy for you to precisely target the right voters by any data-point in your account. From complex custom algorithms to simple election history, it's all easy and right at your finger tips!


Since our founding in 2011, we have worked to make voter contact intuitive and data management easy. CampaignSidekick is where candidates go for the best in voter-contact technology! Our suite of cutting-edge tools gives you the power to manage and execute finely-tuned door-to-door, phone and mail campaigns, all while saving you money and time.